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Eight hunting trips are organized every year, of which five for groups of up to twelve hunters and three for groups of up to four hunters. On the El Matuloso Estate one can hunt for deer, mouflon, wild boar as well as for small game like rabbit, duck, haze, partridge, dove and pigeon. In addition to this, hunting for driven partridge on adjacent finca´s is organized. With two adjacent Finca’s there is a lease contract on a 5-year base.

Total stock of deer ca 700 (yearly potential of 10 gold medals) + 250 mouflon (yearly ca 10 gold medals) + 150 wild boar of which are 30 breeding sews (wall fenced area 10 ha).

Adjecent Estates
We rent our neighbor estates for hunting and shooting (adjacent south and east) on a 5 year base and we have preferred buying rights. Also we rent ca 5 days partridge shoots by another neighbor. He runs his ca 10.000 ha shoot commercially. The driven partridges are very challenging presented over river creeks. You can order days from 200 up to 600 partridges. Shooting can be done till up to 12 guns to very favorable prices.

Hunting plan
An approved 5 year hunting plan is available on request.