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The landscape can be characterized as typical Andalusian Sierra. It is a landscape with rolling hills and the vegetation is dominated by stone oak trees surrounded by bush and grass.

There are about 20 kilometers of sand/stone main roads and about 40 kilometers of secondary roads running through the terrain. All of the roads are in good condition especially the main roads are very well maintained.


19 Kilometer of fence is surrounding the terrain. In the period 2004-2009 the fence was completely renewed. Stock guards are foreseen at the gates where necessary. Inside the terrain there are several corrals fenced by brick walls of about 1 meter high (horses, wild boar breeding).

Flora and Fauna
Professional and official inventory studies are available on request.

Lake and Pantanos
The lake is called Embalse de Sancho and is about 30 kilometers long. The lake is owned by a paper manufacturer situated in Huelva. The lake can however be used for recreational purposes by the landowners surrounding the lake. In practice the lake is very quiet and normally you are the sole user when practicing water sports or when exploring the lake.
By the lake there is a boathouse and a dock. Close to the dock there is the barbeque area with a round fireplace and surrounding benches. For protection against sun and rain there is a shelter place.
The level of the lake varies depending on rainfall and on the use of the lakes reservoir by the owner of the lake.
There are several smaller ponds (pantanos) on the terrain, 3 at the west side and 2 at the east side. The biggest of the pantanos contains fish and there is a little boat available for fishing.

Natural wells
On the terrain there are several natural wells. At one of the wells on old drinking place in Moorish style has been restored.

Yearly 150 ha are sown with wheat. For this we receive an annual subsidy of about 20.000 euro.
The Cortijo is one of the few which is in original state in the province of Huelva. While after the pig pest end 50’s and the forbidden export of pig-meat all the farmers started to sell their oak trees. Therefore the EC subsidized in the 90’s the planting of oak trees however it takes almost 40 years before they bear “baljotos”.
So the terrain is very suitable for keeping pata negro since the high density of old stone oak trees. Keeping pata negro is not done now since the current owners primarily focus on hunting.

There are currently 4 horses on the Cortijo. There is a stable at the Cortijo and there are 2 corrals with sheds and 1 launching circle.

Outdoor activities
Horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, wildlife watching and photography, quad- and motorcycle riding, cruising the lake, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tube riding, swimming, canoeing, laser sailing, fishing, etcetera.